Important: This is the documentation for the upcoming Feathers v5 (Dove). See for the current version.


This section describes all the individual modules and APIs of Feathers. There are three main sections of the API:

  • Core: The Feathers core functionality that can be used on the server and the client
  • Server: Feathers server side modules used with Core when creating an API server in NodeJS
  • Client: Modules used on the client (NodeJS, browser or React Native) together with Core when connecting to a Feathers API server.

Here is an overview how the individual sections of the API documentation fit together:

Feathers Architecture overview

# Core

Feathers core functionality that works on the client and the server

  • Application - The main Feathers application API
  • Services - Service objects and their methods and Feathers specific functionality
  • Hooks - Pluggable middleware for service methods
  • Events - Events sent by Feathers service methods
  • Errors - A collection of error classes used throughout Feathers

# Transports

Expose a Feathers application as an API server

  • Express - Feathers Express framework bindings, REST API provider and error middleware.
  • - The real-time transport provider
  • Configuration - A node-config wrapper to initialize configuration of a server side application.
  • Channels - Decide what events to send to connected real-time clients

# Client

More details on how to use Feathers on the client

  • Usage - Feathers client usage in Node, React Native and the browser (also with Webpack and Browserify)
  • REST - Feathers client and direct REST API server usage
  • - Feathers client and direct API server usage

# Authentication

Feathers authentication mechanism

  • Service - The main authentication service configuration
  • Strategies - More about authentication strategies
  • Local - Local email/password authentication
  • JWT - JWT authentication
  • OAuth - Using oAuth logins (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Client - A client for a Feathers authentication server

# Databases

Feathers common database adapter API and querying mechanism

  • Adapters - A list of supported database adapters
  • Common API - Database adapter common initialization and configuration API
  • Querying - The common querying mechanism