Important: This is the documentation for the upcoming Feathers v5 (Dove). See for the current version.

# Getting Help

There are many ways that you can get help if you are stuck or have a question about Feathers.

# Resources

There are many existing resources that may already have an answer to your question, so it always makes sense checking them first:

The API documentation >

Read the FAQ >

Check our blog posts >

Search our GitHub issues >

Browse Feathers questions on Stackoverflow >

# Help channels

If none of those work it's a very real possibility that we screwed something up or it's just not clear. We're sorry 😥. We want to hear about it and are very friendly so feel free to come talk to us:

Join the Slack group >

Submit your issue to GitHub >

Ask on StackOverflow using the feathersjs tag >

Join the Russian Telegram chat >